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NNZ research: 'Consumer preferences apple packaging'

Consumer response to a new design apple packaging

Packaging multinational NNZ has developed a unique packaging for apples. The design takes the form of a corrugated cardboard tray consisting of two or four identical compartments. Each of the compartments can contain one apple and the tray as a whole is built in such a way that the apples are optimally protected against the damage to which they are especially prone. A second advantage of this packaging concept is the printing surface which is ideal for branding and marketing purposes.

Consumer insight research has shown that the new tray has a favourable effect on consumer appreciation. This applies both to the product (apple) and the product category (fruit). This study has shown that the design – convenient and attractive – can stimulate impulse buying.

The product is commercialized for Dole in Saudi Arabia for the kids apple segment.

We are more than happy to share the details of our approach, findings and results of the survey, just let us know!

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