Awards, recognitions and patents

We are proud to be recognized as an entrepreneurial and innovative company!

Awards, recognitions and patents that show our expertise.

At NNZ we are incredibly proud of the innovations we developed in the packaging industry. Innovations that made a difference to us and our customers.

The awards we won are representing all the efforts we made to help our customers in the best possible way. The list of patents clearly shows our innovative power that helped our customers save costs and be successful. So this is not just our success. It is also a reflection of the successes of all of our customers. We truly believe celebrating is better done together.


  • 2009 Award ‘FD Gazelle’ by the Dutch Financial Newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’
  • 2008 Award ‘FD Gazelle’ by the Dutch Financial Newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’
  • 2007 Award ‘FD Gazelle’ by the Dutch Financial Newspaper ‘Financieel Dagblad’
  • 2003 Award winning pack ‘Techtexile Innovation’ prize for a liquid absorbing blanket for potato shipment in container, NNZ trademark ‘Liqui-Sorb’
  • 2002 Award winning pack ‘Gouden Noot’ for ‘flower wrapping, NNZ trademark Bellavista


  • 2016 Nominee ‘Familie Bedrijven Award’
  • 2016 Nominee ‘NL Packaging award 2016’ for new packaging for fresh produce, NNZ trademark ‘Apple-Set’


  • 2019 Patent WO2019/168397A1 ‘Container for fresh produce and method of ventilating a stack of containers’
  • 2018 Patent WO2018/111088A1 ‘Container for fresh produce and method of ventilating such a stack of containers’
  • 2017 Patent EP3141496A1 ‘Container for fresh produce’
  • 2017 Patent DE10205216600A1 ‘Faltschachtel’
  • 2015 Design patent Canada nr. 157795, ‘Bag’, NNZ trademark ‘Twin-Bag’
  • 2014 Design patent USA USD730,195S, ‘Receptable’, NNZ trademark ‘Twin Bag’
  • 2014 Design patent Europe nr. 002456863-001, ‘Compartment tray’, NNZ tradename ‘Apple-Set’)
  • 2002 Patent EP1371569A1 ‘Bag’, NNZ tradename ‘Twin-Bag’
  • 2002 Octrooiaanvrage 1020855 ‘Bloemenhuls’ 1999 Award winning pack ‘Worldstar’, ‘Eurostar’and ‘Gouden Noot’ for fresh produce bag, NNZ trademark ‘Carry-Fresh’
  • 1997 Award winning pack ‘Zilveren Noot’ for return packaging for bedding producer Auping. This pack was also awarded in the category durable packaging by the foundation ‘Good Industrial Design’
  • 1996 Octrooiaanvrage 1002718 ‘Teeltbodem alsmede teeltvloer voor tuinbouwgewassen’
  • 1996 Award ‘ondernemersprijs Groningen’
  • 1995 Octrooiaanvrage 1001054 ‘Verpakking voor verse schelpdieren, in het bijzonder mosselen’
  • 1994 Octrooiaanvrage 9401832 ‘Lekvrije verpakking voor natte, althans vochtige, verswaar alsmede een verpakking voor mosselen en schelpdieren’
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